International Bourse Champaign Dealing Room

Land of opportunity.

Located in America's heartland—surrounded by open fields, open spaces and open-ended opportunity—International Bourse at M2, Champaign Dealing Room is the answer to a host of the demanding career and lifestyle challenges facing today's commodity professionals. A place to succeed. To thrive. To get ahead. To live the good life.

Whether you're a home-based trader wanting to make the step up to the big leagues, a national or international company in need of a backup outpost, or a big-city dealer who'd like to get away from the stressful grind, International Bourse offers the best of both worlds. Ultra high speed fiber connection for up-to-the-second information. Live updates of weather, production and futures information. A trading room that buzzes with round-the-clock activity. And the stability and tranquility of a thriving university and business community—rich with education, family, recreation and the opportunity for a well-rounded life.

Learn more about the M2 building and view construction progress.